Startup Masterclass – Design Fundamentals

About this class

Having a great business idea alone is no longer enough. Customers now want to know the story behind the business, what it stands for and why they should care! It’s why so many of the best new businesses are putting brand front and center of what they do!

As a startup, it’s really important to consider what your brand stands for, what your values are and what you want to present to customers… getting this right helps shape everything that you do going forward!

You don’t need a multi-million naira  budget to start building your brand either. This master class will introduce you to the fundamentals and principles of design . 

Who is this for?

  • You have a great business idea and want to develop a coherent brand before telling the world about it.
  • Or maybe, you’re creating a website, landing page or social media presence for your business and want to know what style will work.
  • You want to create a strong brand people can trust”
  • Or perhaps you already have a product and want to create a brand brief that will help you design packaging for it.
  • You could already be running a business but want to get serious about your brand.
  • You are a designer, looking to understand more about branding and how to create designs to solve problems.
  • Takeaway

You will leave knowing not only the key aspects of building a great brand but with tons of examples of other businesses that have done it successfully.

You will also have started to develop your own coherent brand proposition – what your brand stands and how you can use this to game-changing effect.


This is an entry-level class, but you should ideally come with a project or a business idea you’re ready to work on so that you can build your brand proposition as you go through the masterclass.

You might want to bring a laptop as well, so you can work along as you go through the course.

September 24 @ 09:00
09:00 — 10:30 (1h 30′)

Facebook, NGHUB, Yaba

Bolanle Banwo

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